Optimizing Chiller Plant Performance

In most commercial facilities, the chiller plant represents a significant percentage of the total building electrical consumption, so maximizing the efficiency of the chiller plant is a crucial part of managing the facility’s mechanical system.


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Optimizing Chiller Performance-1

Several key factors make chiller optimization difficult:

  • Accurate chiller system assessments must account for both the chiller operation and the impact on the cooling tower, condenser water pumps and chilled water pumps.
  • Very few buildings have accurate system curve data to aid in optimizing performance. The chiller manufacturers provide data on the chillers, the pump manufacturers provide data on the pumps and the tower manufacturers provide data on the towers, but there is rarely actual performance data which reflects the interaction of all components.
  • To accurately assess the effects of changes made to plant operation, the total kW for all of the components must be measured and summed. This is typically expensive and often requires shutdown and rewiring of the chiller plant.

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