Integrated HVAC Management & Control

Manual HVAC management is time-intensive and complicated. Balancing, manual monitoring of individual units and trial-and-error maintenance efforts contributes to substantial cost and downtime. Today’s wireless sensor technology has made it possible to deploy a seamless, fully integrated network of devices that automate and simplify the process, end-to-end.

A complete array of Veris sensors throughout the HVAC system provides unified and comprehensive data, so that you can make fast, data-driven decisions.

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In this eBook, we’ll reveal:

  • The challenges inherent in commercial HVAC control
  • How an integrated network of sensors solves each one
  • Cost and time savings with wireless sensor communication
  • What it takes to unify analog & modbus communication protocols
  • How to reduce downtime and improve efficiency
  • Where and how to use HVAC sensors (AHU, VAV, boilers, occupancy, and more)

It’s time to rethink the status quo. Discover the advantages of smart HVAC with a fully integrated network of Veris sensors.

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